Linking is difficult, and the only way to get traffic and visitors is no longer on the search engine results page, like Google. When we start SEO, it's not easy to build a link. Writing the right emails is hard and we have little experience in writing quality content. So, it's best to concentrate on things that can be more easily achieved. Although off-site actions, such as linking, have a heavier performance than in-page actions on Google's search engine results, today's webmasters and SEOs have many levers to attract visitors and increase traffic from search engines, even without making them. Qualitative links. For experienced webmasters, many of these levers are automated, but even the most optimal websites have the potential to targeted traffic and improve and increase real traffic, at least one or more of the following can be optimized for each website:


    Can you increase your Google ranking by improving the user experience on the site? The answer to this question is always positive. The experience of webmasters and experts suggests that user satisfaction affects Google website rankings. We know that Google's Panda algorithm penalizes poor quality websites. We also know that Google is likely to measure users' satisfaction through the number of clicks in the browser search results. One of the world's largest webmasters writes "... Google can see the satisfaction of users ... The best indication of satisfaction is the frequent clicks of users. When users log on to an ordered page and its link appears at the top of the search engine results page, this page has included user satisfaction. " This idea is called pogo sticking or return to the search engine's search-return (return-to-SERP), and if you can reduce that score by satisfying users of the site (or at least users of your site to answer questions to Google and other pages Google will reward you with a higher ranking in Google search results.

    Satisfaction of users and their role in Google rankings

    In the SEO strategy it is said:

    "If you have enough links to rank in one of the top five Google search page pages, you'll have enough links to rank 1st." Although there is not enough evidence of direct use of Google's search results for pan-Google's search results, there is enough evidence of registration, interviewing, and analyzing this, which makes us believe that this is a consequence of today's SEO.


    Google is constantly expanding the rich snippet that it displays in search results, including events, songs, videos, and even witches. The idea of ​​structural data was first launched in 2011 and quickly dominated the web structure. If you've just started your website, it's best to read the guide to creating rich snippets. Two interesting types of markers that increase website clicks are markup video and authoring, although the author's marker these days are not used to rank the search engine.


    According to the Moz Cast Feature Graph, nearly 7% of Google's search results are based on comprehensive articles. While this figure does not look very large, but when the article takes quality score, it can drive dramatic traffic to the website. A good, qualitative and unique article can increase up to 10% of website traffic.

    Writing qualitative and rich articles

    By adding a few signals to your article's HTML, your article and content will appear as a result of Google search. These signal indicators recommended by Google include:

    ·        Markers (paper) Schema.org - (can be markers News Article used)

    ·        Pagination and focalization of site links

    ·        Site Logo Indicator

    ·        First Free Being Rule - For Monetary Content

    Although Google is increasingly looking for comprehensive articles on news sites, most sites that publish comprehensive content will appear on Google's search engine.



    Pixel to pixel, video snippets appear sooner than any other snippet as a result of search engine searches, even author images. Studies have shown that the visitor's eye immediately focuses on the video.

    The role of the video in increasing the site rank

    Unlike other snippets, Video snippets are easier to view and do not need to be connected to the Google Plus account. This type of snippet usually requires an XML schema and schema.org marker. Simply put, third-party services do the technical issues of video publishing. Using the schema.org marker and the XML sitemap, you can specify the video thumbnail size that appears as a result of the search engine. Since the size and video thumbnail of the video affects the number of clicks that it captures.

    5- Writing for Google

    Google is no longer using Google to write these days, but this section has also been translated because of the incompleteness of the article and respect for trust in translation. Viewing the author's photo in Google's search results is not a guarantee for a click but having the right photo will help you get a few clicks in different search engines. These images must have specific characteristics, although these features have not been officially released: use of your photo instead of Gravatar and photographs of objects or company logo, icons or cartoons, use of contrast colors, target audience (for example, photographs Suitable for kids for cartoon and childish content).


    Improving site speed, in addition to increasing visitor satisfaction (point 1), raises site rank in search engine search results. In fact, the speed of the site is one of the ranking factors that Google itself has confirmed. One of the important things we learned this year was that the actual upload speed of the site may not be the important first byte to be loaded. The first byte is loaded the same time it takes the server to respond to the first upload request.

    Website loading speed

    Although the loading speed of the site pages is important on PCs and desktops, Google does more to speed uploading the site on the mobile. Think of the time you were waiting for a site to load on your phone with a slow Internet connection. Optimizing site pages is important for loading faster on mobile devices, and it improves Google's ranking and site search. You can use the Google Web Designer Corner to guide and train web site optimization for mobile devices.



    Apart from the speed of the site, if the website is not configured for smartphones well, Google will lower its mobile search rank. Yet another way to target your desired audience when you buy mobile traffic ... you select your geographies and categories, and then sit back and watch the traffic roll in. It's fully trackable, and with a reputable supplier like us, it's completely safe. Catch new customers on the go! Google has argued that the site loading error on smartphones may result in lower mobile site rankings.


    ·        Guidance (Referrer) Visitors to the wrong mobile URL.

    ·        Inserting a video that does not run on certain mobile phones (like flash video on iPhone)

    ·        The pop-up window that hardly closes on a mobile screen

    ·        Button or font that is too small for a mobile device

    Google has recommended that you design your site, but many of the world's leading brands, like Apple, do not have a site-specific platform. Regardless of whether the mobile experience is good for users.


    Does your website have contact from countries other than your own? International experts believe that having an international audience with specific languages ​​and specific countries facilitates SEO, while a monolingual website for a country will make SEO and site promotion efforts hard.

    Often, the chance of appearing in international search results is greater than local and national, and sometimes less competition. So, it's worth the cost and energy, if your site is multi-lingual and international.


    When you share your content on Facebook or Twitter, your network basically sees it like Facebook or Twitter. On the other hand, when you share your content on Google Plus, your network can see your content every time Google search and do not have to be on your Google+ page. The easiest way to take advantage of this is to expand your community on Google Plus and regularly publish good quality content on Google Plus. In addition, Google Plus subscriptions often get a good ranking in Google's common search results and will be visible to anyone who searches.


    This goes back to meta tag and tag optimization, but it's a good thing to keep in mind. Over the past two years, Google has changed the maximum length of snippets and tags, so that the snippet is no longer dependent on the number of letters but depends on the number of pixels used and generally should be about 500 pixels long. This issue is still changing, as Google tests new layouts. Since it's hard to set 500 pixels when writing a title, it's best to set the title for your title between 60-80 letters.


    Google has also updated its recommendations on meta description and recommended that using a repeat meta description is not a good idea. Matthew Cut of Google says: If you cannot create an exclusive meta description for each of your content, it's better not to write a meta description and leave it blank.


    A website that no longer receives a new link will usually lose its position in Google's search results. Also, if the new content is not added to the website and the old pages become obsolete, it still has a negative impact on the site's ranking on Google search. Refresh site content is not guaranteed to improve the site's ranking, but it will certainly prevent the decline of the previous rank. Google calculates a fresh score based on several criteria, including:

    ·        Date of the first publication

    ·        Content (%) modified content in update

    ·        Content update times

    ·        Number of new pages created over time

    Change the content with the site's value (such as the front page) against non-essential content (such as links to the font)


    The factors listed above seem to be effective in the search results. But issues such as indexing, crashing, link focalization, dubbing content, site structure and architecture, keyword searches, internal links, image optimization, and more than 1,000 other items can raise the rank as high as the mountain.

    SEO Site Pages

    The technical task of technical issues becomes more complex each year, but opportunities are much greater today. Simply think about new SEO issues, SEO is easy if done with the program and from the base. The fact of the matter is that having a website means continuous and creative work. The well-kept secret of many successful businesses is that they supplement their sales and marketing efforts with Targeted Web Traffic.  Join the countless businesses that know that buying website traffic can help them increase their visibility in the marketplace and ultimately, helps them to increase market share. If you have any questions, please contact us.


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