• Buy Organic Search Traffic – What Do SEOs Do When Google Removes Organic Search Traffic

    Organic search traffic (organic search) is a page other than an advertisement that is displayed when a user enters a search keyword. The targeted web traffic visited from the search result screen is expressed as “number of organic searches.

    In SEO measures, it is important to increase this traffic and accumulate customers by accumulating access.In this article, I ’d like to explain how to increase organic search, SEO measures, and organic search in Google Analytics.

    table of contents

    1. What is organic search?
    2. How to increase visits from organic search
      1. About organic search and SEO measures
    3. Google Analytics and organic search
      1. Differences between search queries and organic search keywords
      2. About not provided
      3. Organic search source
    4. Organic search and clickthrough rate
    5. Summary

    What is organic search?

    We will guide you through the necessary measures to become first in "keywords" (free)

    With organic search, as explained at the beginning, the answers to the searched keywords were ranked. On-advertisement pages that appear in search results It is also called “natural search”, and the number is called “search traffic”. Buy Organic Search Traffic!  We will deliver highly targeted traffic to you based upon (up to three) keywords that you provide!

    Also, referrals, direct and social are the main types of traffic to sites other than organic search.

    How to increase visits from organic search

    In order to increase visits from this organic search, as you know, “SEO measures” are necessary. Naturally, the page displayed at the top of the search results is easier to click, so the quality of the content is also important. Opportunities to visit the site will increase.

    About organic search and SEO measures

    The following two measures can be considered from the measures required to increase organic search.

    ① Link measures

    It is recommended to take measures to improve site evaluation while optimizing linked / internal links and increasing the quantity and quality of links.

    ②Content measures

    We will improve the site evaluation while optimizing the title, description, number of characters, etc. and improving the relevance to the keyword appearance rate, the number of words, and the search query. " The SEO internal measures? For effective measures " and " What is the content SEO? Easy to understand commentary! While the" in reference, we recommend that you proceed with the content measures.

    Google Analytics and organic search

    To increase organic search, first check the current traffic in Google Analytics by looking at “Organic Search “which means organic search. Reference article* See also this article to use Google Analytics. 
    What is Google Analytics? Easy-to-understand explanation from introduction to usage

    To check this number, first log in to Google Analytics and click on Acquisition> Channels> Organic Search. Competitive research is important to aim for first place! Request SEO competition survey (free)

    This “Organic Search” allows you to check user behavior such as organic search trends, keyword-specific sessions and bounce rates.

    Differences between search queries and organic search keywords

    A little confusing here is the metrics "search query" and "organic search keywords". 
    This difference can be briefly explained as follows.

    • "Search query" ... Keyword whose page is displayed in the search results
    • "Organic search keywords" ... Keywords visited from search results

    "Search query" can be confirmed by logging in to Google Analytics, and you can check from the menu attracting customers> Search Console> search query, and "organic search keyword" can be confirmed from attracting customers> campaign> organic search keyword. 
    * In order to use "Search Query", Google Analytics and Search Console must be linked.

    About not provided

    Here, you may be interested in the “not provided” Buy Organic Traffic and find out what so many already know ...  This traffic is highly targeted by keywords and geography. item in organic search traffic, which means organic search keywords that are encrypted during search. 
    This means that your ca does not see it in Analytics. This is because Google's organic search keyword is displayed as "not provided" due to the introduction of SSL for Google services, and the number has gradually increased.  Currently, almost all Google users search keywords are "not provided". 
    * SSL was introduced at google.com in November 2011 and in Japan (google.co.jp) in March 2012.

    About organic search sources

    Next, “Organic Search Source” is a function that allows search traffic other than typical search engines such as Google and Yahoo! to be assigned to organic search. To assign new search traffic, after logging in to Google Analytics, click Administration> Tracking Information> Organic Search Sources in the top menu. Then you can add organic search sources from the "Add Search Engine" button as shown below. 
    The default is enough, but let's deal with it if necessary.

    Organic search and clickthrough rate

    To increase traffic from organic search, it will appear in search results Improve title click-through rate It is important.

    There are several ways to improve the click rate for this title:

    • Make the title description highly relevant to the search query
    • Use compelling language that your users may be interested in
    • Make title descriptions concise and easy to understand

    We will guide you through the necessary measures to become first in "keywords" (free) Also, the number of traffic from organic search will change depending on the search order. 
    The highest ranking is the highest click rate, and naturally the highest number of targeted organic website traffic.

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