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    If you are part of your activity as a short or long video clip or video and visual training, then it's advisable not to overlook the video marketing topic and be sure to go to video sharing networks like YouTubeBy publishing your videos on these networks, you can have more visitors to your videos.

    For This video encourage users to visit your site can only portion of the video (demo) as published on this site and link to the full version on its website published Lost in Details (Description) Video insert to Users are encouraged and clicked onYou can also invite users to visit your site by promoting and promoting the content, product or services posted on your site by tricks and encouragementEducational videos are one of the most productive types of videos that can be used to help many more targeted web traffic and visitors visit the site.

    Get the most out of social networking 

    With these interpretations, these networks still have countless fans in the USATwitter, as one of these successful social networks, has provided great opportunities for business so that any business can grow its website through TwitterThe results show that published tweets contain a lot of links on traffic from Twitter, and the number of clicks on users is significantSo, if you can write attractive content for tweeting and retouching and introduce your own hashtags on this network, you'll find a lot of luck to be seen

    On the other hand, Facebook, as one of the oldest social networks and the most popular social network in the world today, is a great place for any small business to help them introduce themselves to the worldAlthough the current conditions for accessing Facebook in Iran are not much defined, there are still a lot of users operating in IranFacebook is a great way to provide summary descriptions and brief information about products, services, or anything else you want to introduce to othersFortunately, there is a possibility to put a link on this network and you can place your website link in its posts and get a lot of traffic through it for your site. These days almost all Internet users in turn deal with social networksFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are among the most popular and most engaging networks in the world Targeted social media traffic although it's a bit harder to access Facebook and Twitter, because of USA's Internet issues, and these networks have fewer audiences than Instagram in the US, they should not, however, be overlooked for the many benefits they have provided.

    LinkedIn is also one of the most popular social networks these daysThe main difference between LinkedIn and other social networks is its contactsUsually more than 90% of the audience in this network are professionals and professionalsThis network is therefore one of the best places to introduce occupations and specializationsTrusted business brands are active on this network and run discussions on recruiting specialist human resources with LinkedInIn total, it can be said that this network can be a good place to introduce your business to professional audience Buy website traffic Therefore, it is strongly recommended to use it to attract specific audience hits

    But in US, Instagram should be considered the best social network in the world today and open on it a special accountThe fact that it's not possible to put links in Instagram posts is a bit harderBut on the other hand, the ability to insert links in the stories is provided so that users by stretching the page up in the stories can enter the desired linkIt's worth noting that such features are only active for commercial and open Instagram pages and personal pages do not have this capability.

    However, Instagram is one of the fastest online networks due to its high reputation and popularity over the past few years, and with over one billion active users worldwideUsually Instagram posts have a great impact on improving user relationships with the brandFor example, many reputable brands are posting photos or videos from their work team on their Instagram page, and often publish these images only on this page to tell users in a way that it's a place to get closer and more inoffensive.

    Such a move has an amazing effect in attracting users' attention and trustYou can also connect with them and enjoy the benefits by posting such content on your Instagram or by streamlining users with the latest developments in your business through daily routines

    Of course, where your competitors are not idle and work in these networks, it may be a little harder for youBut keep in mind that many other businesses do not have specific knowledge of the principled competition, and this is a good point for those who are currently studying this textSo, with the tricks you learn, make sure you're ahead of thousands of other businesses.

    You can buy targeted organic website traffic and get a significant amount of natural and relevant hits by providing users with the introduction of their content, products or services through these channels and directing users to visit your site's pagesDo not forget to insert your website's link in the biography section of these social networks.

    Work on Q & A sites 

    One of the interesting and interesting ways to attract visits to your site is to use Q & A sitesThis method is one of the rare strategies for doing this and has followed very few professional webmasters through which they have greatly increased their site traffic.

    Q & A sites, also known as knowledge sharing sites, are one of the most engaging web sites that have thousands of usersOne of the most famous of these sites is the Quora. com site or the Answers.Yahoo.com subdomain .

    How these sites work is that when a user has problems or have questions to ask, they enter these sites and ask questions or requestsThen, other users can enter it on the page if they have a responseUsually these questions are in the category of technical questions and in some cases specialized, which may well be the answer to many of them.

    The point here is that these questions are not just important to the questioner themselves, but hundreds of others who have that problem or question are driven to these sites by searching the Internet, and in fact there are plenty of users on these pagesAs a result, your sitelink can be displayed to many people.

    Many webmasters on these sites have several hours of activity throughout the day, and in most cases, they post their site links or provide links to users' responses on their siteFigures show that the number of users clicks from these links is very high.

    In the same vein, there are other sites that offer similar servicesMedium. com is an Ideas and Ideas Marketplace that has many fansThere are thousands of people on the site every daySome of them follow the ideas of entrepreneurship and other similar ideas, while others are idealisticThis is the hot topic for someone like you. By joining these groups and participating in their discussions, you can learn not only new ideas, but also by posting content and reading content on this site and linking to your main site. Increase your site's credibility significantlyBecause the site Medium.com is a very valid site and the links through which they are published will be of great value.

    The Reddit website is also among the top global sites to cover a wide range of topicsDifferent news, tutorials, introducing and reviewing issues of the day, and hundreds of other topics that make this site a full-fledged mediumMillions of users visit this website every day and share their content with many questions and training through itThis site is very suitable for any online business model to help you find the right visitors for your site.

    Get help with email marketing 

    Although targeted email marketing seems to be an old topic, but on the contrary, it's one of the good ways to direct visits to the siteYou do not need to say how big a mistake you have if you own an online business and have not yet gone to email marketingBut it's never too lateUse this marketing to create an exclusive channel for attracting contacts to maximize site-wide hits on your site, but also by introducing and selling your products or services directlyBut excessive marketing emails make users tired of your brand name and formally become a spammerJust send helpful and limited suggestions so that your brand identity stays strong and the risk of spam is minimized

    Update the old content published on the website 

    This way of thinking that once you have completed and published an article and no longer needs to be reviewed in the future is one of the common mistakes of webmasters in SEO and site optimizationMost of the content published by us expires, and their value and validity will be lost after some timeRevising these contents and updating it with the latest information in the day can greatly increase your site's visibilityExcept that your content is always up to date, it does make it look like a credible, reliable sourceA business of great importance to its nature and with its upgrades shows that its business is professional.

    In the meantime, this will be a great help in boosting your site's SEO processIn some cases, your published article may not be valid for updatingIn this case, you can delete the item in accordance with the specific conditions and redirect the link to the updated oneWe have been focusing on this in another article in Mad rugWe suggest you follow the important tips.


    Create high quality infographics and slides 

    Infographics are one of the most popular fast information transfer methods that have long been used in many fieldsFor several years, infographics have opened their way to the digital world and become one of the main sources of information flowInfographics are one of the best ways to buy organic traffic and attract 100% natural and direct hits.

    By creating and producing graphic and graphical infographics and publishing them on the web, you'll be able to double your chances of getting a high-level visitPeople have a lot of interest in this kind of picturesBecause in the shortest possible time, more information can be transmitted through infographicIt is recommended to insert the watermark and the site's address in the infographics and monopolize themOf course, you should not overlook this issue and put it anywhere in the picture where it was possible to put Watermark or your brand logoThis will reduce the overall quality of the infographics and reduce the value of your work.

    Slideshows also have the same capabilitiesBranding and educational institutions with a lot of activities on slideshows and sharing them on the Internet have led many users to the pages of their siteEspecially educational and teaching slideshows that students and students are looking for a lotCreate quality slideshows with useful information and share them on your site as well as related resourcesThere are many websites, including the most famous ones, the SlideShare. net site, which can be a good launch pad for your slides.

     Hold online training courses 

    By conducting targeted training courses, you are targeting users looking to learn these coursesThere are always such people. So, by creating an appropriate training course and offering frustrating suggestions, you can upload a huge flood of visitors to your siteIf you want to, you can make these courses, but then you must provide training that, first, they do not exist elsewhere, and the second is so valuable and credible that users are even willing to pay for them.

    Of course, such a problem will affect the attraction of visitorsSo, if your main goal is to get traffic and increase traffic to your site, it's best to give users a free and easy-to-start tutorial for freeBut the key to this is that you need to take steps to make these courses online and complete from time to time on your websiteBy doing so, you not only get users to visit your site and get paid for it, but also greatly reduce the exit rateWebinars are examples of these types of courses.

    Open the account on your site's mobile version 

    Today, every Internet user has a smartphone, and according to numerous statistics and results, more than 70% of websites are downloaded through mobile browsersEven if you need to borrow, make a responsive version of your websiteCalculate and plan for hits that can be downloaded to you by mobile users.

    An appropriate design that is presented neatly and without difficulty in today's mobile phones is surely one of the most important factors for your success in getting the most visitors and traffic to the siteYou can use the Google Page Insight Tool to help you understand if your site is Google Mobile-friendly . According to a widespread discussion because mobile marketing has made this title

    )Marketing With Mobile or Mobile Marketing ( argument is very critical.

    Start the CDN system on your site 

    The CDN or Content Delivery Network is a seamless integrated server system for hosting your site's data, which has a very direct relation to the speed of the site and its rankingThis functional network will make access to your site resources faster and fasterAs a result, users from anywhere in the world who want to enter your site will get more access to their content at a much faster rateThis will result in both user satisfaction and the satisfaction of search engines.

    Use browser caching tools 

    Depending on your type of content management system, there is the ability to use a feature called Caching, which has a great impact on collecting and providing quick information to the userUsing this method will increase the speed of access to your site information for users and their browsers, Summer is winding down and it'll be year-end before you know it.  Buy US State Targeted Website Traffic to boost your presence and get noticed!  standard and premium website traffic options including; social media traffic, mobile traffic, targeted state traffic, Alexa traffic and organic traffic. There's something for every need/objective. Enjoy the last days of the season and let us do the work for you. and this will prevent users from re-uploading your site to reload files and informationSo, the speed of your site will increase for these people and increase the traffic of the site will be much easier and fasterFor WordPress, extensions such as W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache have been released that are recommended for this purpose.

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