• How to Drive real business to your website?

    Website traffic is one of the most important elements of a site. In general, the meaning of traffic is used in two different ways. The meaning of the wallet is the volume provided by Internet service providers. But the second meaning of traffic is the amount of information your site has seen by visitors and how many visitors have visited your site. This site visit may include visiting the entire pages of your site or visiting a specific page. We said that buy website traffic is very important and is a key factor in the success of a site, but keep in mind that website traffic quality is more important than traffic. Web traffic is divided into two categories of targeted and unwanted traffic. There is a huge difference between these two types of traffic, which is a very important factor in the success of your site. Unfamiliar traffic is the visitors who visit your site, but your information and products are not worthy of them, and they have entered your site through the advertisements of your site on other sites or public download, and these people are only for less. How many seconds remain on your site?

    Introducing the history and goals of social networks

    Targeted traffic is for visitors who come to your website through search engines such as search engines and banners to advertise information and products that they value.

    For a better understanding of these two types of traffic, suppose you have a site that offers targeted mobile Traffic access services. If your site has 200 visitors looking for a Mobile Service Store in the search engine, there are more than 1,000 visitors who have entered your site through advertisements and other ads and will not last for more than a few minutes on your site.

    The more targeted and high-quality site traffic, the higher the sales of your products and services will go. Also, if your information and services have the information and services the user needs, visitors to the site will share this information and services on social networks. This method is a very valuable way of boosting website traffic and ultimately increase your website's ranking.

    All people who work on the Web are looking to increase website traffic and increase the number of visits and sales of their products and services. In this article, we will briefly describe the ways to increase website traffic.

    Paid advertising:

    Monetary advertising is a way to increase targeted web traffic. You can pay for ads on Google, YouTube, etc. to advertise. But be careful that these ads are principled and increase your purchase rates.

    Use messenger software:

    Due to the popularity of social networks among users of ads on social networks, one of the best and most successful ways to increase website traffic.

    Website Optimization:

    An SEO website will have a great impact on increasing the traffic of a site. If your website link is on Google first pages and higher, more people will visit the website. Notice that the SEO site has a much higher impact on site traffic than on paid advertising.

    Email marketing:

    Using email as a communication tool is another way of attracting users and increasing website traffic. Email marketing can help you earn a lot of money online. Various ways are provided to get users' emails on the offending sites. This type of marketing will be useful if the audience is selected correctly. Promotion for users who are not your audience will destroy your business.

    Optimization for mobile phones:

    Due to the increased use of mobile users, the number of people who visit the mobile phone from websites has increased. If you design your own web site in a Response format, it will increase traffic to your website.

    Site Content Updates:

    As we said in the content marketing article, content is important in a text and content is king. You can use the way to place your site on the site to increase the traffic of your website. Some of these articles will be lost after some time. Updating these articles will make the old pages in Google get up again and traffic to your site will increase. Other activities such as publishing an article on LinkedIn, video marketing on YouTube, and speeding up the site are some examples of activities that will greatly increase your website traffic.

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