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    If only certain competitors can outperform their search rankings and the rankings of other competitors are not changing, it may be simply overtaken by the competitor ’s SEO performance. Examine the status of links and content on competing sites that have risen in ranking and examine the factors that have resulted in good results from targeted web traffic competing sites. And incorporate those factors into your content marketing strategy.

    Check for new links

    Check Ahrefs to see if competitors are getting new backlinks that boost their rankings. If a competing site gets a useful link, look for ways to get that link on your website. The Everest method mentioned above is effective.

    Investigate content changes

    Investigate what changes the competitor has made to the content. Compare the after-sales of competing content using Way back Machine, which lets you examine past pages.

    Check for changes at the following points: Especially information and topics newly added to the content. have you ever thought to buy targeted organic website traffic but paused thinking you could develop other strategies on your own? If you find information on a competing site that is not on your site, add more detailed information to your content than the competing site. In recent years, SEO's search intent is more important than anything else, so it is essential to update content that always provides information that matches the search intent.

    • title
    • Meta description
    • content
    • Anchor text

    6. Check user experience

    Investigate whether the user experience (UX, user experience) is declining. If changes to websites that can degrade the user experience reduce the clickthrough rate (CTR) in search results, it can negatively impact your rankings. Although Google denies it, a common belief that many SEO experts support is that “UX has some impact on rankings”.

    Therefore, if you make changes to the website that affect UX, we will investigate if there is any negative impact on the data in the following items. You can get this data from Google Analytics or Google Search Console.

    • Bounce rate
      • Internal link, navigation optimization
    • Stay time
      • Utilization of video content
    • Page load time
      • Measure and improve with Page Speed ​​Insights
    • Clickthrough rate for SERPs
      • Optimize title tags and meta descriptions
      • Utilization of rich results
    • content
      • Content that matches the user's search intention
      • Optimizing readability on mobile
        • font
        • Row height
        • color

    Conclusion: Appropriate improvement plans and proactive measures are important

    In this guide, we ’ve covered how to deal with Google ’s lost search rankings based on three simple points:

    • Identify pages and keywords that have lost ranking
    • Investigate why the ranking has dropped
    • What to do to improve the situation

    A sharp drop in search ranking can be recovered by clarifying this point and executing the improvement plan with the correct means. However, to quickly resolve these SEO issues, it is important to keep your website monitored. Buy organic website traffic!  We will deliver highly targeted traffic to you based upon (up to three) keywords that you provide!  You can further target by geography.  Increase your odds of success and targeted organic search traffic. If you ’re constantly monitoring your website and tracking keyword rankings, you ’ll be able to quickly identify problems in the event of a problem.

    As a matter of course, Google Search Console and Google Analytics have paid SEO tools in place to prevent problems for the entire website, not just SEO. If you are considering introducing a new tool, check out this tool list.

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